What is a Landscape Pattern?

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What is a Landscape Pattern?

In our licensable library, we have many different categories to make searching through our 600+ patterns easy. There are filters for shape, technique, theme, market, and color family. We also have three main categories: Geometric Patterns, Landscape Patterns, and Organic Patterns. Geometric and organic are probably easy to visualize. A geometric pattern has harder edges and defined shapes. Organic patterns have softer edges and elements you might find in nature. They also have more movement and space.

But, how do we define a landscape pattern?

A landscape pattern is one with a definite top and bottom. It repeats only horizontally and not vertically. These types of patterns are engineered for a specific orientation. A landscape pattern is perfect for panels, accent walls, or dividing screens. They are not perfect for every end-use. For example, they are not suitable if you need a pattern you can cut anywhere to sew into a product, such as upholstery. However, they are suitable for products you want to make a statement with visual interest.

One popular use for our landscape patterns is with our partner KwickScreen. They are a company based in the UK that makes privacy screens primarily for healthcare interiors. Their screens are wheeled into spaces to quickly provide privacy for a patient. These screens are a set size with a stand-alone purpose, making them perfect for a landscape pattern. Each screen is digitally printed and fully customizable. If the screen is for a coastal community, it can be printed with a nautical scene, or if it’s for a pediatric unit, a fun safari scene. The options are endless!

Pattern: Aquarium, P1143

Landscape patterns are also perfect for shower curtains, glass partitions, privacy curtains, or even accent walls. They are a fun and easy way to add a statement piece in a room or to use as a piece of art. Used on a wall, these types of patterns can have the same effect as a mural, but at a much more affordable price.

Are you ready to use a landscape pattern?

There are two different ways to search our library.

  1. Visit the Licensable Designs page of our website.
    This is the most effective way to view all our designs. You can use a wide range of filters to narrow down your choices and find the best design for you needs, whether you’re working on a residential or commercial interior. In addition, you can also view all 5 colorways of each design. Without leaving our website, you can also request a sample from one of our partners.
  2. View our designs on Pinterest.
    If you use Pinterest as part of your design process, we’ve made it easy for you to view and pin our designs. We created boards by category and pinned all of our designs. However, we did not pin all colors of each pattern. If you want to see all available colors, you’ll need to click on the link and view the pattern in our library.

    In addition to searching by category, you can also search by collection. For example, if you want to see everything in our Terrazzo Collection or Cryptology Collection, visit the Collections Boards.

Do you have questions about searching the Design Pool library or using our website as a design resource? Let us know what they are in the comments or DM us on social media and we’ll be sure to answer any questions you have.


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