Design Pool Library, Tips for Digital Printers

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Design Pool Library, Tips for Digital Printers

At Design Pool we’re excited about how quickly print-on-demand technology is growing. We see its potential to change the way manufacturers and designers have traditionally done business. Using our expertise and industry knowledge, Design Pool connects interior designers directlyto both a rich library of patterns and the latest in print-on-demand technology through our partnerships. If you have a digital printer but no design staff, becoming a Design Pool partner is an affordable option to give your customers lots of design options.

But first, what is in the pattern library?

  • Hundreds of curated designs specific to commercial and residential interiors.
  • An easy to navigate interface to search for patterns using multiple search criteria. Just type in what you’re looking for, such as check, red, or Jacobean.
  • Five unique colorways for each pattern, in an easily scalable vector file type.
  • Flexibility to work with a designer to custom color any pattern to match your color reference perfectly.
  • Opportunity to work with a designer to create completely custom patterns.
  • Connection to trusted print-on-demand partners with high-quality, commercial-grade, innovative products.
  • Sustainable advantages of printing only what you need.

How do I become a Design Pool partner?

  1. We talk! One of our core values is that a partnership should be beneficial to both parties. That’s why our first step is to discuss each other’s business and goals, as well as the logistics of licensing designs and paying royalties.
  2. We commit. Next, we sign a contract to protect both our businesses.
  3. We update our site. We list all our partners on our partner page and put an icon for your products on each design page. You also get a login for our website to be able to download designs.
  4. We give you what you need. Do you want to put images on your site? Do you need designs mapped on products you make? No problem, we work with you to make sure you have the tools you need to get the most out of this partnership.
  5. We promote you. Finally, we issue a press release with each new partner. We also promote you and your products in our blog and across our social media platforms. We hope you do the same!

Even in uncertain economic times, maybe especially in uncertain times, licensing a design is a smart financial decision. Our library is used by product designers, as well as interior designers.

Want to learn more about partnering? We are happy to answer them. Leave them in the comments or shoot us an email.


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