Trendspotting: Carpets and Flooring

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Trendspotting: Carpets and Flooring

Each month we send a trend letter out to our subscribers highlighting a trend we’re spotting. Have you subscribed yet? Some months we talk about a major trend, like all the colors we’re seeing on the runways and sometimes we highlight a fun trend we’re spotting going about our lives. Whatever we talk about, it’s always a fun shot of inspiration. This month the trend we’re featuring is all about carpets and flooring in residential interiors. We look at different materials, colors, and patterns.

What are we seeing on carpets and flooring?


The tiles we spotted we more decorative and had a lot of interest in them. There was a lot more pattern, dimension, and texture, as well as a lot of mixing of shades and color for additional effect. Slightly 3D, dimensional tiles are the newest trend to hit retail in a range of naturally inspired colors.

Penny tiles continue to be a popular classic, as well as hexagons.

Digital printing on tiles is also very popular and available in a wide range of beautiful patterns and textures.

Glass blends are perfect for mosaics of all designs.


As designers and consumers look to have more natural options in their building materials, wool is making a comeback. These wool carpets feel great underfoot and featured many interesting textures with a lot of depth and dimension.

Texture & Pattern

In carpets, textures and patterns are subtle in nature. Design create interesting effects with weave structure as well as cut and loop constructions.


Color palettes in carpet and flooring were all heavy in warm neutrals and colored neutrals. Nature inspired color palettes that feel grounded. Given this year’s picks for Colors of the Year from various color trend forecasting groups and paint companies, these palettes make a lot of sense. They would coordinate well with any popular room colors, without distracting or overpowering a color scheme.

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