Trends in Healthcare Design at HCD Expo

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Trends in Healthcare Design at HCD Expo

Last month we exhibited at the HCD Expo + Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. It was Design Pool’s first time at this show and we had a great time. We loved interacting with people in person and introducing The Cryptology Collection to a whole new audience. In particular, we designed the R&R group especially with the healthcare design market in mind.

Though we were there to exhibit, we also got to attend several of the lectures and walk the hall to see what everyone else was exhibiting. So, what big trends in healthcare design did we spot?

We spotted 3 main trends in healthcare design.

  • Adaptability
    Living through the COVID pandemic has shown us the need to be adaptable, quickly, especially in healthcare interiors. When a crisis arises, facilities need to be able to accommodate whatever need arises and quickly. This is especially true in spaces built for vulnerable populations who rely on caregivers to keep them safe. There were many privacy screen, glass partitions, and moveable walls.

  • Cleanability
    No surprise, but cleanability was the top trend spotted at this year’s event. Materials and surfaces need to meet even more stringent cleaning standards and no one wants to be replacing furniture because products are breaking down. Cleanability also comes back around to adaptability. The COVID pandemic taught us (and continues to) that requirements and protocols can change overnight.

  • Durability
    The actual materials and surfaces of products continue to improvie in durability. As designers try to make spaces less intimidating and more comfortable, they can’t sacrifice the durability. Walls, furniture and flooring in a healthcare interior see a lot of activity other spaces do not. For example, gurneys bumping into corners, and stronger cleaning materials. Every material used needs to be able to handle a lot of traffic.

Next year’s HCD Expo + Conference takes place in San Antonio, Texas October 8 – 11, 2022. Are you planning on attending?

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