Trends from NeoCon 2021

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Trends from NeoCon 2021

2021 was definitely an unusual NeoCon. For starters, there were fewer exhibitors and crowds were smaller. This had some benefits, like no lines for the elevators (or bathrooms!) and more time to spend with attendees in our booth. Though there were some exciting new products, it also seemed like a lot of the product launches were more evolutions on familiar themes, than brand new ideas. We speculate a lot of folks are waiting to make a big splash in June 2022. Despite this, the quality of products was high, as always. And trends from NeoCon seemed to be orbiting around how the design community responds to disruptions in our lives and built environments

Designers responded to the pandemic sometimes in obvious ways and sometimes in more subtle ways. While cleanability is obviously a concern, designers were also exploring how commercial spaces can adapt more easily and more quickly to unexpected disruptions. How can the people using these spaces feel safe, while also comfortable and productive?

Work from home life has accelerated the trend toward more comfortable and casual spaces. Soft lines, curved edges, comfortable materials were all present. Also, multiuse spaces blurred the lines between living and working. 

When it comes to sustainability, it’s no longer a trend but an expectation. Consumers are better educated about what sustainability means and what’s just greenwashing. They are curious about how something is made, with what materials, and what will happen to it at the end of its life cycle.

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We created a Pinterest board for you with even more images including products named Best of NeoCon. We also included winners from the other two competitions, Interior Design Magazine’s HiP Awards and Metropolis Likes.

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth at NeoCon, it was great to be out and about again. We loved being able to tell you about how Design Pool works in person! We look forward to seeing you all again in June 2022.

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