Top Secret, a Video About the Collection

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Top Secret, a Video About the Collection

When designing the patterns in The Cryptology Collections, Kristen used a unique technique she developed exclusively for this collection. Her initial inspiration was to pay homage to the women codebreakers whose work went unrecognized in their lifetime. What better way to do this, than with codes.

Kristen created a collection of patterns, each containing a secret coded message. In the case of Top Secret, the messages reference five codebreaking women from WWII and their interesting histories. The work these women did was all top secret and classified their entire lives. They pioneered cybersecurity and hacking and often knew critical information before even the highest-level officials.

Beginning with those coded messages, she created shapes and ultimately patterns. Learn more about this technique, and the collection, in this video.

Video credit: Kristen Dettoni

This collection is making its debut at NeoCon 2021 October 4 – 6, in Chicago.
Find us in theMART on the 7th floor at Booth 7–4049.


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