The Peaceful World of Blue

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The Peaceful World of Blue

A world of blue surrounds us. Above our heads, we see the pale blue sky. If you are lucky enough to live near a coast, you can look out and see the deep blue ocean that makes up most of our world. This tranquil color is the most common favorite color across the globe, with a wide variety of shades evoking different meanings. Universally, all shades are said to represent loyalty, peace, openness, trust, confidence, and protection. Lighter shades symbolize peace, serenity, understanding, and healing. On the flip side, darker shades connect to knowledge, power, intelligence, trust, and authority. 

Pattern Font Design P2029 in Blue on Wallpaper
Pattern Font Design on wallcovering

The Influence of Blue 

Blue makes an impact in various areas of our lives. In nature, we see it in the water and sky but in little else. Blue-eyed individuals comprise only 8% of the world’s population, and it’s a color that rarely occurs naturally in the foods we eat (except for blueberries and potatoes). Yet, we love it. In corporate culture, it is one of the most commonly used colors in branding due to its ability to evoke feelings of trust and loyalty.

Blue has also had its influence throughout history as a color of wealth and importance. Historically, it was one of the more expensive pigments to create since it was not commonly found in nature. Therefore, painters reserved this color for important figures such as the Virgin Mary. To achieve this hue in textiles, dyers used indigo, a complex pigment requiring skill and expertise.

In popular culture, blue makes a frequent appearance in beloved characters. Over the years, pop culture has introduced us to a variety of loveable characters, including The Smurfs, Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, Dory from Finding Nemo, and the Genie in Aladdin. It also appears frequently in music and even in performance art such as Blue Man Group

Incorporating it into Commercial Design 

Blue has many meanings and values associated with it. However, commercial design harnesses blue’s ability to evoke a sense of trust and a calming environment. It is a common choice in office spaces, healthcare facilities, and schools. Yet, it is also a great color choice for any room. It creates a bright, natural atmosphere where various other colors can be incorporated to add variety

Pattern Tossed Hex Deco P1980 in Navy on Vinyl Flooring
Pattern Tossed Hex Deco on vinyl flooring

Have you used it in any of your commercial projects? We love working with color and seeing how you use it. Tag us on Instagram with your favorite projects! And don’t forget, you can search the licensable library by color. Just choose your color from the search menu on the left and get started!


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