The Design Pool Website Has a New Look

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The Design Pool Website Has a New Look

Regular visitors to Design Pool may notice a new look on our website. We want it to be as easy as possible for you to use our library as a resource and tap into the world of digital, print-on-demand technology. With that goal in mind, this summer we worked with a UX designer to make the Design Pool website easier to navigate. So, what did we do?

Here’s what’s new on the Design Pool website:

The pattern library is easier to search.
Making the pattern library easier to search was our number one goal with this update. You will notice that the library now shows all the filters on the left side of your screen. You can search through over 600 patterns using a wide range of categories. For example, you can search by color, market, theme, technique, or shape. Alternately, you can type a word straight into the search box. For example, type in “mid-century” and you’ll see all our designs with a mid-century modern vibe.

We’ve added a wishlist feature.
If you want to keep track of patterns you like, click on the little heart icon to add it to a wishlist. You can create more than one list and give each list a name. Once complete, you can send a link to share your wishlist with clients or coworkers, or download a PDF to print or email. (If you’re a diehard Pinterest user, pin patterns right from our website onto your boards, or visit our recently revamped Pinterest page where we pin each of our patterns.)

It’s easier to sign up for our proprietary design collection.
We understand some people need exclusive designs or are not in a position to license a design. The designs in the proprietary collection are perfect for either of these scenarios. To keep our exclusive designs private, we require you to create a free account to view the collection. We also make sure people viewing this collection are legitimate businesses to preserve the integrity of the collection.

You can place your requests directly to our partners without leaving our site.
This has always been a feature on our site, but now it’s easier to do. In order to make getting a sample of the pattern you love on a physical sample, we added icons to each product page. Simply click on the product you’re interested in and a box will pop up for you to fill out. The pattern information will already be there, just fill in your info and it will be sent directly to the printer and to us. Don’t forget, we also have sample boxes with examples of our different products printed with a range of patterns. If you’re an interior designer who is interested in one, get yours here.

Our blog is easier to read and we have a lot more content planned.
The blog still has all the same content, but looks better and is easier to read. In addition, we took a deep dive into our analytics to understand which posts are performing best and what information you’re reading. This information was so useful in helping us plan our editorial calendar. As a result, we are creating content that is useful and informative.

Let us know what you think!

As you use our website, we’d love to hear your feedback. You can DM us on social media or leave your comments below to let us know your thoughts.


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