Design Pool Terrazzo Collection, Now Available

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Design Pool Terrazzo Collection, Now Available

This month, we are excited to announce the release of our new Design Pool Terrazzo Collection. This collection of 9 patterns includes 3 allover textures and 6 patterns created using the textures as design elements in tile looks. All patterns work well on their own and also coordinate perfectly when used together in a residential or commercial interior.

Inspired by the beautiful tiles and floors seen on travels through Italy, Kristen Dettoni designed this collection to bring the look and feel of Italy to consumers, without the actual stone. “I’ve always loved the randomness and structure of terrazzo floors,” said Kristen. “By creating a random pattern of varying shapes, I recreated that feeling with color and texture instead of stone. Using print-on-demand technology, interior designers can now deliver a terrazzo look to walls and floors, or even soft items such as upholstery.”

Pattern P1708

Patterns + Partners = Possibility

Our partner Graphic Image Flooring has already added this collection to their offerings, citing its potential for vinyl flooring. “Many of our customers want a stone look in a space, and now they can have one without the need for construction. We think this collection is a great addition to our design offering.”

All 9 patterns are now available to license in our pattern library. Each can be printed through any of their printing partners. We believe it should be as easy as possible to print our patterns. This is why each design in the Design Pool Terrazzo Collection is already in a perfect, seamless repeat. In addition, files are delivered in a vector format for easy scalability. Each design comes in 5 coordinating colorways, but we can always work with you on a special color if you need a perfect match for your project.

Pattern P1705

You can view the entire collection here. Have questions about this collection? Let us know in the comments!


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