Introducing the Swatch Collection

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Paint chips organized by color with words over image that say Swatch Collection.
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Introducing the Swatch Collection

This month in the Design Pool Proprietary Library we’re introducing a new group of patterns, the Swatch Collection. In this collection, there are sixteen different patterns, each with its own colorline. All geometric in nature, these patterns are modern with unexpected traditional touches.

The Inspiration for the Swatch Collection.

At any given moment in time, Kristen’s desk can be found covered by all different kinds of swatches. Sometimes it’s swatches of woven cloth, other times, it’s color swatches. Usually, it’s both. Kristen often uses these swatches for color inspiration when working on new patterns. They are also useful as color references when communicating with printers and/or interior designers. With swatches laid out all over her desk, Kristen couldn’t help but see patterns emerging. She began to play around and eventually turned them into their own designs.

Photo credit: Brittanny Taylor

Textile designers work with swatches so often, that we can’t shake them even when not working. Kristin makes color palettes with tiny swatches in her travel journals when she’s in beautiful places such as Kauai. Kristen recently created an original punch needle piece titled Sky Swatch. In this piece, she used different colored yarn to create swatches of the color of the sky. Next, she paired the swatches with dates to create a sky color log. This piece includes some commercially dyed yarns and some yarns she naturally dyed with avocado and indigo.

Sky Swatch, Kristen Dettoni

To view the patterns in this collection, you must be registered to view our Proprietary Library.

Our proprietary library functions differently from our licensable library. The proprietary library has over 100 designs and they are available to purchase, not license. Prices range from $600 – $2000 and once you buy the design, it’s yours to use anywhere on anything. Unlike the designs in our licensable library, these designs are exclusive to whoever purchases them. It is because of this exclusivity, that we keep this portion of our website password protected. We also do not share images of these designs on social media or in blog posts.

Registering to view these designs is quick and free. We simply make sure you’re a legitimate business and then send you the info to log in. And the library is full of more than just the Swatch Collection. It also features work by three other independent designers, Paula Stebbins Becker, Rebecca Pry, and Barry Roode.


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