String Art, a New Proprietary Collection

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String Art, a New Proprietary Collection

The Design Pool Proprietary Library continues to expand with more patterns and new designers, A few weeks ago we added the Swatch Collection, and this week we added String Art, In this collection, there are six different patterns, each with its own colorline.

String Art Collection

The String Art Collection was named after the genre of art created with string and thread that we see trending in contemporary art. This genre isn’t new though. Back in the 19th century, Mary Everest Boole was using a technique called “curve stitching” to teach children mathematics. Pierre Bezier was later inspired by that work and in 1962 developed the Bezier Curve. Math continued to inspire art. Artists began creating intricate geometric designs with string. Today, contemporary artists such as Gabriel Dawe create striking installations out of string.

Plexus no. 34, Gabriel Dawe • Amon Carter Museum of American Art • Photo Credit: David Hansen

Register to view our Proprietary Library.

Our proprietary library functions differently from our licensable library. The proprietary library has over 100 designs available to purchase, not license. Prices range from $600 – $2000 and once you buy the design, it’s yours to use anywhere on anything. Unlike the designs in our licensable library, these designs are exclusive to whoever purchases them. It is because of this exclusivity, that we keep this portion of our website protected. We also do not share images of these designs on social media or in blog posts.

Registering to view these designs is quick and free. We simply make sure you’re a legitimate business and then send you the info to log in. The library features patterns by Design Pool’s Kristen Dettoni as well as independent designers, Paula Stebbins Becker, Rebecca Pry, and Barry Roode.

To view the String Art Collection, be sure to register to view our Proprietary Collection.


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