Shop Small this Season with Domanda Design

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Shop Small this Season with Domanda Design

This holiday season, we hope you shop from local entrepreneurs and small businesses, whether online or in person. And when you do, don’t forget about our sister store Domanda Design which we launched in the fall of 2020. It features a variety of home and lifestyle items available with your favorite Design Pool patterns. All products are printed on-demand and shipped directly to you. We love this business model because only the things purchased get produced, so there is no excess waste. You can shop knowing your purchases will be unique and have a smaller carbon footprint than a big box store item.

If you’re new to Domanda Design, let us walk you through four key areas of the site.


We want to give you a lot of options for fun patterns but know that it can also be overwhelming to search through so many. For this reason, we give you various search options to help narrow down your choices. At Domanda, you can search by either product or collection. Our collections don’t feature all the pattern options. Instead, they highlight those patterns that are part of thematic collections. Those collections include:


If you have a particular product in mind, the easiest way to search for it is from the Products drop-down menu. There you will see the twenty different products we offer. Remember that some products, such as our tote bags, come in different sizes. Once you click on a product page, you can see all the color and pattern options for that product at a glance.

Couch with four different pillows customized with different fabric.

Search Bar

If you know exactly what you want, try typing that phrase into the search bar. For example, if the person on your list like pink florals, type that in and see all the different products available with pink floral options.

The Blog

A new article hits the Domanda blog every other week, full of info and inspiration. Topics include gift guides, decorating tips, information about our products, and more. We also have a popular series that dives into color, with each installment highlighting the history of a different color.

If you like what you see at Domanda Design, follow the shop on Instagram to stay updated on new products and patterns. Need gift ideas? DM us, and we’ll help you out.   


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