Sherwin-Williams as Color Inspiration

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Design Pool pattern Yarrow colorline with Sherwin-Williams coordinating paint chips.
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Sherwin-Williams as Color Inspiration

Our new Swallowtail Farm Collection was inspired by the medicinal properties of herbs and plants and the natural beauty of Swallowtail Farm and Creamery in Whitefield, Maine. The collection highlights six different medicinal plants. Our hope is that it brings an extra layer of meaning to healthcare interiors by highlighting these plants in materials. When it came time to develop color lines for these new patterns, the Sherwin-Williams healthcare palettes were the starting point.

Why Sherwin-Williams?

Sherwin-Williams markets its paints well to commercial interior designers. Annually, they put together palettes specifically for both acute care and senior living facilities, each with a wide range of colors. These healthcare-focused palettes are often heavy in neutrals, with additional colors added in that work well in these types of environments. Referencing these palettes makes it easy for designers to specify Swallowtail Farm patterns.

Pattern Elderberry (P2183)

What was the process?

Our process began by gathering color chips from a local Sherwin-Williams store and matching those colors in our exclusive digital textures. Once there, we could use these textures to create a range of colorways in each Swallowtail Farm pattern. Yet, all the colors are not just from the Sherwin-Williams palettes. They also include other colors to complement the featured colors.  

The result is a collection of patterns that all coordinate perfectly with each other. Not everything is exact or super matchy-matchy, but relatively cohesive overall. Choose any color from any pattern, and it will already work with different designs in the collection and the Sherwin-Williams colors. The benefit of working with a set palette is that it makes it easy to coordinate a whole room or a whole hospital. Different areas of a facility will still hold together visually because there is consistency throughout.

Pattern Swallowtail (P2174)

One of the benefits of digital design and digital printing is the ease with which you can match colors. Don’t see the color you’re working with? If you don’t see a color you’re looking for, reach out, and we can create a custom color for you.


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