Rebecca Pry’s Proprietary Collection Designs

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Rebecca Pry’s Proprietary Collection Designs

Our collection of proprietary designs has been growing, thanks to recent collaborations with independent designers such as Rebecca Pry. Rebecca is a talented illustrator and designer whose bright, bold, energetic patterns we can’t get enough of. Rebecca’s Design Pool collection is currently for sale in our Proprietary Library. You can gain access to that library by signing up for a free account. We sat down with Rebecca to learn a little more about her and her work.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your business?

I am a freelance illustrator and designer based in Warwick, NY, about an hour outside of NYC. In 2013, I graduated with a BFA in illustration from Rhode Island School of Design and have been freelancing pretty much right out of school. I do illustrations for books with the publishers Whalen Book Works and Cidermill Press, designs for apparel and accessories, and graphic design for local events and businesses. Additionally, I teach printmaking, 2D design, and figure drawing at St Thomas of Aquinas College, I paint murals, I did event design and set up in the city before the pandemic. I pretty much do anything I can get my hands on! I also have my own line of apparel and accessories called Desert Qween inspired by my love of the southwest and the desert in general. 

Rebecca Pry Scarf with Desert Patter

Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the Rebecca Pry collection for Design Pool.

I recently worked on a collection of proprietary designs for Design Pool called 80s Reimagined. I have a very extensive thrifted sweater collection, which I’m sure are all from the 80s. So with the love and appreciation I have for them, I wanted to add a more sophisticated twist to the funky and wacky patterns of the 80s.

What is your process like when creating a new design?

Most of the time I am directly inspired by my surroundings/past travel experiences. Also, traveling to new places when I’m able. I sketch a lot, so I usually look back through my sketchbooks to see if there is imagery or motifs that I can use for a design. I also look on fashion sites//Pinterest//artist profiles on Instagram to see what else is out there, and to check that what I’m doing is fresh and trendy. 

Do you take a different approach to designing patterns than you do in your illustration and graphic work?

I don’t think so. I think there is a little more research/planning involved when I’m designing patterns, but the same level of inspiration research goes into all of my work. My illustration/graphic work always plays with patterns anyway, so when I get to create repeats, it’s another layer and option for my designs to turn into something else.

Rebecca Pry Illustrations

Do you envision your designs in certain places or spaces?

I’ve always been pretty obsessed with the idea of having my own home goods line! That’s always on the goal list. To see a home wallpapered in my patterns, pillows on their couches, dishes in their cabinets…that sounds like a very fun home to me! I’ve been lucky to have some of my designs make it to stores like Target and Michaels and it honestly never gets old seeing something that you designed on a shelf of a store.

What is your favorite place to find inspiration?

Well, having my own line of work called Desert Qween, it has to be the desert! There is something about the quietness, colors, and landscape that is just a constant flow of inspiration for me. I find a lot of inspiration in nature in general. The Catskills are another place that always gives me a place to reset and be inspired by the quietness and landscape. I guess stuck between 2 worlds, the mountains and the desert, both pulling me towards them.

What is your secret for getting over a creative block?

Sometimes it feels like I don’t have any time to even have creative blocks! But when they inevitably come I don’t try to force it. I have a lot of hobbies so I take that as a reason to focus on something new. I go for a hike or a run, go to a museum or play my ukulele. If I’m able to get out of a set routine that seems to always do the trick to spark something new.

Rebecca Pry Landscape Drawing

Fun fact about yourself?

I’ve run a marathon, 4 half marathons and I’m training for my 5th half in June! Hoping to run the NYC marathon at some point.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Rebecca Pry! Stay up on Rebecca’s work by visiting her website or following her on Instagram.

We are so excited to have her 80s Reimagined collection for sale through our proprietary designs library. Be sure to follow our sister store, Domanda Design, to stay up to date on news of a special collaboration there with Rebecca Pry. Have any questions about our proprietary collection? Leave them in the comments, DM us through social media or reach out via email!


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