Introducing Ceiling Scenes, Our New Partner

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Introducing Ceiling Scenes, Our New Partner

We are excited to introduce Design Pool’s newest printing partner Ceiling Scenes. Based in Warren, Michigan, Ceiling Scenes is a state-of-the-art print facility specializing in ceiling tiles. They have built their business around printing high-resolution original photography and custom artwork. They have even partnered with National Geographic to bring stunning nature scenes into their offering! Now, they’re adding even more design options by partnering with Design Pool. With access to our licensable library, they can print any design on their tiles.

Why print on a ceiling?

Many interior designers use ceiling tiles in a room to improve the aesthetics of a space without making any changes to the architectural integrity. Ceiling tiles can also help dampen sounds in busy spaces such as a hospital. Additionally, designers use decorative ceiling tiles to easily refresh a room. Printed with an interesting design, these tiles can inspire, relax, or distract people in a particular space.

Ceiling Scenes prints on two different types of tiles.

Light Lens Ceiling Tile

These translucent, light-backed ceiling tiles work with existing fluorescent or LED lighting. The effect yields a vibrant, natural feeling to a room. Light Lenses can replace traditional fluorescent light diffuser panels in a hinged diffuser frame, beneath a recessed light troffer, or in a drop ceiling with a light suspended above.

Acoustic Ceiling Tile

These fiberglass, sound-dampening ceiling tiles are a lightweight, acoustical drop ceiling tile. It provides noise reduction and insulation to a room. They come in two standard sizes (24″ x 24″ or 24″ x 48″) which fit into a standard drop ceiling grid. If needed, they can be cut for a custom match.

Design your own tile with a Design Pool pattern.

If your project is unique and needs a custom design ceiling design, Ceiling Scenes can create the custom cut for your project. Pair the custom cut with a Design Pool pattern and your room is guaranteed to be as unique as your client, whether they’re looking for a harlequin, chintz, or anything else! To request a quote, simply click on the ceiling tiles icon on a product page and fill out the form that pops up.

Have any questions about Ceiling Scenes of any of our other printing partners? Leave them the comments.


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