New Mapping Library & Other Updates

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New Mapping Library & Other Updates

In case you missed it, we made two significant updates to our website this year. We are constantly tweaking our website to make it as user-friendly as possible for our printing partners and interior designers. Thank you to everyone who gives their feedback as they use the site. We truly value your opinion.

The most exciting feature is the new mapping library.

Our new mapping library allows interior designers and architects to download patterns to use in programs such as SketchUp, Revit, and Chief Architect. Designers can show renderings with the exact patterns they intend to specify. The mapping library is available through a subscription.

Rendering of a room with a desk, chair, and artwork.

We also reorganized the blog.

We made changes to our blog to make searching topics even easier. Why? As the blog has grown, we want to ensure you can find the content you need as quickly as possible. After a detailed blog audit, we came up with eight broad categories. By clicking on one of these categories, you’ll see all the posts that pertain to that topic. Here are the new categories:


This is where you can find all our articles about color. This covers our pieces about color science, color theory, color trends, and even getting creative with color.

Digital Printing

Here are articles all about digital printing. You will find posts about our printing partners and the products they print on.

Guides & How-tos

This past year, we’ve written many articles we describe as our Toolkit. You can find all of them here, along with any other posts where we answer questions we’ve been asked.

In the Library

Here is where you’ll find articles about the specific patterns and collections in the licensable and proprietary libraries. For example, when we launched The Cryptology Collection, we shared a lot of information about the collection and its inspiration. You can find them all here. The same is true for our Invisible Threads collection or even smaller groups like Moveable Type.

Interior Design

This category features many of the interviews we’ve done with interior designers and architects. There are also articles with design tips and ones about different products for use in commercial and residential interiors.

News & Events

In this category, you’ll find all the posts with general announcements about Design Pool and details about events we’re participating in.

Pattern Design

We love designing patterns and sharing information about textiles and textile design with you. In fact, many of our most popular blog posts are in this category—for example, our textile terms series. There are also a lot of posts about the inspiration behind our design work, such as our museum exhibits and travels.


Wherever we go, we’re always tuned into what’s trending. Here you will find the posts we write after trade shows such as BDNY. In addition, we also write about trends themselves, like their life cycle and how to tell the difference between a trend and a fad.

In addition to these eight broad categories, you can search by tags such as sustainability, hospitality, or healthcare to read more about a specific subject.

As always, we love hearing your feedback. Have you subscribed to our new mapping library? Do you read our blog regularly? If so, please let us know your thoughts about it by taking this quick survey.


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