Introducing The Natura Collection

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Three patterns in the background with words reading Natura Collection.
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Introducing The Natura Collection

Are you registered to view our proprietary library? If not, you might want to sign up today to view our new Natura Collection. In this collection, we want to bring the outdoors inside, particularly into healthcare interiors.

There has been a lot of research into the physical and mental health benefits of nature. Today, interior designers purposefully design healthcare interiors to incorporate nature into their designs. In some cases, that means access to nature itself. Yet, where that isn’t possible, nature-inspired materials also have a beneficial effect on the people using these spaces. Patterns that refer to nature and in soothing colors help bring a sense of well-being and calm to a room. Feelings that benefit patients, as well as their families and caregivers

Kristen began designing the Natura Collection out in nature with her sketchbook and camera. Pattern is everywhere in nature. Look closely enough at the rocks, plants, pebbles, and clouds, and you’ll see a pattern. In fact, you’ll start seeing patterns everywhere you look. Kristen sketched leaves and flowers and took pictures of textures on objects like rocks and tree branches. Back in the studio, she worked these sketches into digital files.

Sneak peek at patterns in the Natura Collection.

There are ten patterns in the Natura Collection, each with five original colorways. We can picture these patterns on privacy curtains, moveable walls such as KwickScreen, or printed on upholstery. Keep in mind that even though we were thinking of healthcare interiors when designing this collection, they would work well in various environments.

As with all the patterns in our proprietary library, such as our String Art & Netherlands Collections, these patterns are available for sale, not licensing. Once you purchase the pattern, you own it and can use it however you like. We also pull it from the library, giving you exclusive rights to it. If you’re not registered to view this library, it’s free and easy to do.


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