Introducing the Cornucopia Collection

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Seamless Pattern Designs Cornucopia Collection
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Introducing the Cornucopia Collection

The word cornucopia comes from two Latin words: Cornu, meaning horn, and Copia, abundance. How did a horn come to symbolize abundance? It comes from a Greek myth. Amalthea, the name of the goat which fed Zeus as a baby, broke off. In its breaking, it was endowed with the power to be filled with whatever the owner desired, usually fruit, flowers, or grain. This symbol of abundance is often associated with Thanksgiving. It speaks to the quantity of food but also to the gratitude that brings families together around a table.

It was this sense of abundance that inspired the Cornucopia Collection.

This new collection in our proprietary library features ten patterns created from original block prints. I “relearned” block printing a few years ago when I took an ACE Camp class in Portugal. A country known for its beautiful tiles on all its buildings and streets, it was an inspiring place to spend time printing.

During this trip, I fell in love with the simplicity of block printing. First, carving the soft pink blocks is calming and satisfying. Furthermore, I enjoy having a variety of blocks to work with and play with in different combinations. I focused on creating fruits, vegetables, and leaves in this collection.

My process began with drawing a variety of delicious-looking food. After sketching them from the outside, I cut them open and drew what I saw inside. Next, these sketches became stylized drawings I was able to translate into a design for a block. It was a playful and delicious day of getting to know these different foods and what makes them unique.

Once the blocks were made, I played with ink and color to create playful designs on paper. Next, I scan these prints and bring them to my computer. This is the moment when art and industry start to combine. Illustrator makes it easy for me to toss the images, put them in repeat, and add additional textures. In repeat, these patterns become usable on various products in different types of interiors.

Nature is always such a rich source of inspiration.

I focused on flowers for the Natura Collection and loved turning my eye to food for the Cornucopia Collection. These patterns were so fun to create. I hope they bring a smile to your face! As with all the patterns in our proprietary library, these are all available to purchase not license. For this reason, you must register for a free account to view these designs. It’s fast and easy to do!


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