Domanda Design, a new Design Pool Shop

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Domanda Design, a new Design Pool Shop

Here at Design Pool we are so excited to finally share some exciting news. This fall we have been working feverishly to launch our very own on-demand shop, Domanda Design! Our shop features a selection of patterns from the Design Pool library, available on products for your home and life. Let’s be honest, 2020 has been hard for a lot of small businesses. Many have had to pivot completely or rethink their goals. At Design Pool, Kristen always had the ember of an idea for a shop burning. This spring, when a lot of our plans changed, we knew it was time to give that ember some oxygen.

The result is Domanda Design!

This shop combines Kristen’s passions for art, design, and print-on-demand technology in a unique and personalized shopping experience. “I come from a long line of artists, dating back to my grandparents, who immigrated to the United States from Italy. I learned at a young age the positive power art and beautiful objects can have in your life and home,” said Kristen. “My goal in launching Domanda Design is to bring that positivity into people’s lives through beautiful pattern and color.”

The online shop features a range of lifestyle and home products. Items include duvet covers, square throw pillows, mugs, totes, accessory pouches, and a weekender bag. Each item comes in at least ten different patterns from the Design Pool library. Additionally, each pattern has five color choices.

Why have the same thing everyone else does, when you can have something truly unique?

All items available through Domanda Design are printed on-demand, at the time of purchase, by printers based in the United States. On-demand manufacturing offers a range of benefits that we’re really excited about. For starters, we don’t need to carry inventory. This gives us the flexibility to offer a wide range of pattern and color options. With less waste heading to the landfill, it’s a more sustainable manufacturing model than traditional big box stores. Additionally, consumers get a product that is truly unique and they won’t see in everyone else’s homes.

This holiday season we hope you’ll consider shopping local, supporting small businesses, and keeping your community, both online and in real life, alive and thriving. We look forward to welcoming you at Domanda Design!


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