How To Request a Custom Color

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Fan of color chips showing rainbow and words How to Request a Custom Color
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How To Request a Custom Color

Each pattern in the Design Pool licensable and proprietary libraries come with a full colorline with a variety of color options. On average, our colorlines have five different colorways to choose from. Occasionally, there are up to ten colors. Though we do our best to have options for everyone, we understand we can’t create every possible color. That’s why we also offer the opportunity for a custom color if needed.

But first, how do we design our colorlines?

Our colorlines are designed with all of our color research in mind. Throughout the year, we are constantly doing color research. Sometimes we are looking at what’s on the runway, and other times we look through specific trade publications. We also spend time getting out into the marketplace. We regularly do research trips and inspiration days to see what is in stores and showrooms. Using all this research, we design colorways for our patterns that will be appropriate for the commercial market, on-trend, and saleable.

Our absolute favorite thing about digital, on-demand printing is the flexibility. This technology makes it super easy to create custom colorways and print short runs. Though we do our best to provide good options, sometimes you need something very specific. Creating a custom color is the perfect solution if you need to match a very specific branding color. It is also useful if you want to match a featured element in a space or just to get the pattern closer to your mood board color palette.

This is how you request a custom color.

If you are interested in working with us on a custom color, get in touch with us through our Contact Page. From there, we’ll discuss your project and what you need. For a custom color to be successful, the more info and references we have the better. Rather than just saying “sky blue” try to have a reference of that color, such as a Pantone chip or paint chip. In order to make communication easy, we put together a Custom Color Request form to guide the process and be sure all communication is clear.

Please be aware that some additional design fees may be required. We will always let you know, so there are never any surprises.

Have questions about how to request a custom color or custom pattern? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll be sure to answer them.


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