How to Become a Design Pool Partner

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How to Become a Design Pool Partner

At Design Pool we like to say that we’re more than just another image library. We took the idea of a pattern library a step further and partnered with digital printers. We refer to each printer as a Design Pool partner. Our goal is to make on-demand technology accessible to the interior design community. This non-inventory business model is a break from the way interior designers have traditionally sourced their materials. It lets any designer find a pattern they love and have it printed on-demand by a reputable printer. Additionally, they have the opportunity to customize the scale or color exactly for the project they’re working on.

From the perspective of the interior designer, using Design Pool as a resource connects them with both hundreds of pattern designs and printers they can trust. On the flip side, our printing partners have access to a full library of pattern designs and the potential to work in new markets.

Are you a printer looking to expand your offerings in the interior design markets? We are always looking for new partners!

Benefits of Being a Design Pool Partner

You don’t have to hire your own designers.
This is a major benefit to printers. Rather than hire a design staff with the specific skills needed for designing patterns, you can use Design Pool as your design resource. You can also work with us to create a custom pattern if you have a specific request. (Please note: design fees may apply for custom pattern work.)

We include our partners in our marketing efforts.
We devote a lot of time and energy toward marketing Design Pool to interior designers. In addition to exhibiting in person at events such as NeoCon, HCDExpo, and BDNY, we have a robust marketing plan. We have an active and engaged audience on social media, particularly on Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. We tag and highlight our partners as appropriate and always share their posts when they tag us. Newsletters are sent to our list twice a month, including our popular trend letter. We also distribute press releases regularly. We love collaborating with our partners on all marketing efforts and see the best results when we work together.

Printers get exposure to a new audience.
Most of our marketing efforts are directed toward the interior design community, particularly those working in the commercial, hospitality, and healthcare markets. We never keep our printing partners secret, we share information about them as part of our marketing plan and highlight them on our website.

You only pay us when you make a sale.
Our licensing model takes a lot of the risk out of diving into a new market. For starters, you don’t need to make a huge investment in designers, software, and artwork. Since you pay us based on royalties, you’re only paying us when you’ve made a sale with one of our patterns.

What are the steps to becoming a partner?

It’s easy to get started!

  1. Fill out our contact page and someone will be in touch with you to set up a call.
  2. You have a call with Kristen Dettoni so you can both learn more about each other’s businesses and see if partnering is a good fit. We place a lot of importance on your business having high-quality products and excellent customer service.
  3. If you both decide to partner, Kristen will send you a contract to review and sign.
  4. Next, you will be given a password giving you the capability to download and use designs in the Design Pool licensable library.
  5. You pay us royalties quarterly for any patterns printed.

Our most successful partnerships are the ones in which we have open lines of communication and we’re both working toward the same goal. If you’re a printer and interested in using Design Pool as a resource, let’s get started!


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