Thanksgiving Pie Color Palette!

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Thanksgiving Pie Color Palette!

This week our color palette is inspired by Thanksgiving. This year, in particular, Thanksgiving has us reflecting on our community. Before we talk color, we want to take this opportunity to thank our followers, partners, customers, families, and friends, who have supported Design Pool this year. We know we are not alone in experiencing the big wrench 2020 threw into all of our plans. As so many of our partners and customers did, we also pivoted where we could, kept working where we could, and (narrowly) avoided panic mode when we couldn’t do either of those two things. We are so inspired by everyone’s creativity and perseverance in the face of uncertainty. It has helped keep us moving forward. Thank you also to all the essential workers out there keeping us all healthy and safe, especially those in our community that we rely on.

And now, back to color! And just like last week, it’s about pie.

This week our color palette is inspired by Thanksgiving!

Besides being incredibly delicious, we love the beautiful, rich colors of pumpkin pie. The warm shades of orange, with highlights of gold are perfect for autumn. In this image, we are loving how the cooler grey sets off the orange. The contrast makes the colors really pop. WIth gray being such a popular paint and furniture color these past few years, pops of warm colors on a throw pillow or ottoman would keep the room from getting too cool.

If you like this palette, you can always search the Design Pool library by color. Simply type the color you want, such as orange, into the search bar!

How do you capture a flash of inspiration? Do you carry a sketchbook, snap a photo? What’s your process from taking that inspiration to the next step? Let us know in the comments!


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