Friday Color Palette: Holiday Baking!

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Friday Color Palette: Holiday Baking!

Today we’re launching the first in a new blog series: Friday Color Palette! Our original color palettes are popular each week over on Instagram and especially on Pinterest, where we first began sharing them. They’re too fun not to share here also! For a little background, we started creating these palettes as a way for us to take an image that was inspiring us and turn it into a useful design tool. Sometimes these palettes start from a photo we purchased, other times they start from a photo we snapped ourselves. Whatever the starting point, they’re always an image that gave us a shot of inspiration. They’re fun to make and a helpful reference when we’re working on coloring new or existing patterns.

This week our color palette is inspired by holiday baking!

We have baking on the mind as we get ready for what will surely be an unusual holiday season. In this photo, we are drawn to the beautiful neutral shades in the pie crust and the colors of the filling. We’re also always suckers for a perfectly woven pie crust!

Besides making us hungry, we also love the cooler gray neutrals in the background. By mixing the warmer neutrals with cooler ones, this palette provides a balance useful for a range of patterns.

Pattern P576, color Brown & Pattern P950, color Gray

These two patterns are examples of patterns colored with a similar combination of warm and cool neutrals. If you like this palette, you can always search the Design Pool library by color, just type the color you want into the search bar!

How do you capture a flash of inspiration? Do you carry a sketchbook, snap a photo? What’s your process from taking that inspiration to the next step? Let us know in the comments!


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