Vistamatic and Digital Printing on Glass

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Landscape Pattern P1140 on Vistamatic
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Vistamatic and Digital Printing on Glass

Design Pool is excited to share that we have partnered with Vistamatic to expand their graphic portfolio. This partnership allows them to offer a wide range of unique pattern designs on their revolutionary glass panels.

Vistamatic’s patented product, the Vistamatic Vision Panel is simple, durable, and visually pleasing. Used primarily in healthcare facilities, these panels offer privacy to a patient without sacrificing light. Moreover, they continue to allow for observation when required. Their panels are designed with easy installation in mind and are made from materials that control infection. Consequently, they are easy for facilities to maintain and clean.

In addition to having all the functionality required of a healthcare facility, these panels are aesthetically pleasing designs. Now, with Design Pool’s partnership, Vistamatic products are fully customizable. Designers can choose from a variety of modern designs in colors perfect for their needs.

In a statement on the Vistamatic website, CEO and Managing Partner Kevin Roth said, “Incorporating color and visuals into healthcare design has been proven to be a highly effective method for creating an exciting or calming environment for patients. We are delighted to offer stunning and highly customizable, patterns, and designs.”

Approximately 90% of Vistamatic’s business is in the healthcare industry. As a result, they are in a unique position to see how healthcare facilities are evolving. They have realized these facilities can actively create a calm environment for their patients. An environment that offers a positive impact on their experience. Vistamatic’s Vision Panels transform a space by bringing an artistic aesthetic. Most importantly, it does so without sacrificing privacy or the ability to observe and properly treat a patient.

Working together with Design Pool, Vistamatic is taking its product offerings to a new level by also offering customization to their clients. By choosing which designs and color palettes work in different spaces their products can be perfect for any healthcare facility. According to Kevin Roth, “This is a growth area, clients are adding art to brighten up the environments.”

You can view patterns Design Pool has created with the healthcare industry in mind here or just type “healthcare” into the search bar.



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