Design Pool Turns 4!

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Design Pool Turns 4!

This week, Design Pool turns 4! As we look back on the past four years, we feel optimistic. We’re excited at our progress in introducing the interior design community to the possibilities of on-demand digital printing. Every entrepreneur will tell you there are many ups and downs to running your own business. I sat down with our founder Kristen to find out about her favorite moments from the past four years.

Highlights from our first 4 years!

Winning a HiP Award at Design Pool’s first-ever NeoCon.

A first trade show is always anxiety inducing. There is so much to prepare and so many unknowns. Kristen had thrown herself into designing The Cryptology Collection and felt a strong kinship to the codebreakers who inspired the collection. In fact, Elizebeth Smith Friedman began to feel like Design Pool’s spirit guide! So, we were thrilled when the collection won a HiP Award and was named a #MetropolisLikes our first time exhibiting at NeoCon. Save the date: we’ll be back at NeoCon for a third year June 12 – 14, 2023.

Making the videos for The Cryptology Collection.

Speaking of The Cryptology Collection, making the videos that accompanied our entries for the Best of NeoCon awards that first time proved to be a lot of work, but also a fun learning experience. Ultimately, we felt satisfied these videos paid homage to the women who inspired the collection. We also gained a whole new level of respect for video editors!

Designing custom patterns for a Canadian hospital.

In addition to the licensable library, Design Pool also offers custom design services. These projects are so satisfying to work on since it uses on-demand technology to its fullest potential. In 2022, Kristen was able to work directly with an interior designer to design a group of original patterns inspired by Italy.  

Introducing interior designers to new products.

Kristen definitely geeks out at all the different substrates printers are printing on. Wood, metal, wallpaper, flooring, ceiling tiles, window film, there are so many options available! She loves finding new and exciting materials to bring to the interior design community to use in their projects.

Participating in the IIDA Fashion Show.

Creating garments for the IIDA Fashion Show and modeling in the event was a blast for the whole team. Kristen loved working closely with partners to gather materials and collaborating with Paul Lewandowski to bring his vision to life. Personally, I got to use my weaving skills to create a one-of-a-kind bodice and model it at the event. Winning Best Interpretation of the Theme was the icing on the cake of a fun and creative event. 

November 3, 2022 — IIDA Fashion Show in Boston, Massachusetts. Photo by Tim Correira for Caitlin Cunningham Photography LLC.

As Design Pool turns 4, thank you for joining us on this journey! We appreciate your business, enthusiasm, and support.

What are we looking forward to in year 5?

This year we are excited to make more connections. While Zoom, FaceTime, and webinars helped keep us connected in 2020 and 2021, it was refreshing in 2022 to get out and interact face-to-face. In 2023, we’re looking forward to doing even more of that. We’ll be at NeoCon again in the summer and BDNY in the fall. In addition, we are making a big push to go to more in-person networking events. Hopefully, we’ll see you at one of them. In fact, if you have any recommendations, particularly in New England, please let us know in the comments.

Cover photo credit: Brittanny Taylor.


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