Design Pool for Wide-format Impressions

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Design Pool for Wide-format Impressions

Did you know that Design Pool contributes a monthly article to Wide-format Impressions? It’s true. Since September 2021, Design Pool has been writing regularly for their blog. All of our posts focus on printers and the opportunities available to them to grow their businesses in the interior design market. Our goal is to educate printers on important information like how to speak the same language as a designer and what trends to watch.

Here are 3 articles on Wide-format Impressions we think you’ll like:

Tips for Attracting More Interior Designers

Printers trying to enter the interior design market will need to adjust their business to accommodate a new industry. In this post, we share three helpful tips to kickstart the effort.

A Crash Course on Fibers for Print Service Providers

As more and more printers begin printing on textiles, they are likely to get exposed to a new lexicon of textile terminology. In this post, we discuss the difference between natural and synthetic fibers and explain some popular fibers’ qualities. The more information printers have, the better equipped they’ll be to choose the best material for the end use.

How to Stay Up to Date on Interior Trends

Regardless of a material’s qualities, interior designers won’t be able to use them if they don’t look good. Basic knowledge of what is trending in interiors will help foster confidence among the interior design community. In this post, we share what trends printers should pay attention to and where to begin researching those trends.

Do you have a topic you’d like us to cover? Please DM us through Instagram or let us know in the comments. We’re always looking for new topics to write about, and your input is a huge help! We hope you’ll visit Wide-format Impressions each month to read our latest article or subscribe to their newsletter so you never miss a post.  


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