Design Pool’s Pick for Color of the Year 2022

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Design Pool’s Pick for Color of the Year 2022

Every December, we look forward to doing a round-up of the color of the year picks from popular paint companies and, of course, Pantone. But before we look at what everyone else is picking, we like to pick our own. Last year, we chose an energetic yellow to bring light and optimism into 2021. Our color of the year 2022 pick is also inspired by optimism and positivity. Unlike the cheeriness of our 2021 pick, we’re looking at 2022 with a sense of reflection and renewal.

Our Color of the Year 2022

Why white?

White is clean and refreshing. It represents light, space, and a fresh start. The COVID pandemic forced us all to spend more time looking inward, both at home and within ourselves. As a result, many people took stock of their lives and thought about what truly makes them happy. For some people that meant leaving unsatisfying jobs to find something more fulfilling or changing careers altogether. Other people made personal life changes about their relationships. For those who have the privilege of being able to work anywhere, many moved cities for a better quality of life.

This year is leaving us with a collective urge for a new beginning. Kristen sees the possibilities this urge holds, “like a giant whiteboard to restart your life.”

The meaning of white.

The color white has many different associations and symbolism. In Western culture, it is often associated with weddings and angels. It symbolizes purity, innocence, and peacefulness. However, in Eastern cultures, it is more commonly associated with funerals and mourning rituals.

Designing with white

When used in interior design, white is extremely versatile. It can create a sense of space and add light to a room. It is often associated with cleanliness and simplicity and can make a room feel bigger than it actually is. This is especially useful in small spaces. On the flip side, white can also give a cold and sterile feeling. If not used skillfully, it can leave a room feeling empty, bland, or even boring. When used together with other colors, it can help to create dynamic spaces.

When we’re designing colorways with white, we love to use it as a way to give the eye moments of rest and also to highlight other colors. Against a white ground, shapes are sharp and clean. Colors appear more vibrant next to white. White also doesn’t mean one specific color. White can lean a little warm or a little cool.

Next time you’re out in nature, lock around at how white plays with and highlights other colors. White is definitely as dynamic and nuanced as any other color.

For more inspiration, head on over to Pinterest to check out our White Color Board.


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