Decorative Vinyl Flooring, Endless Possibilities

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Decorative Vinyl Flooring, Endless Possibilities

Decorative vinyl flooring continues to grow in popularity for use in both commercial and residential interiors. As print-on-demand manufacturing capabilities have grown, so have the possibilities for more interesting designs on vinyl flooring. Previously, design options were limited to those meant to mimic traditional flooring, such as hardwood or tile. Today, customization makes the design possibilities endless. If you can dream it up, it can be printed.

Pattern P1332

Thinking about using decorative vinyl flooring? 5 points to consider.

  1. It’s very durable, especially in high traffic areas.
  2. It’s comfortable under foot and reduces noise. Vinyl floors have a certain amount of give to them, which make it a perfect choice for rooms where you might be doing a lot of standing, or if you’re a shoe-free home. They also don’t get as cold as wood or tile floors during cold months.
  3. It’s easy to install. Vinyl flooring is a breeze for professionals to install and even some savvy DIY-ers manage to install them on their own.
  4. It’s easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl floors don’t require a significant amount of maintenance throughout the years. No major sanding or staining projects. Sweeping, Swiffing, vacuuming and mopping regularly will keep vinyl floors looking new for years to come. They’re also resistant to moisture, making it easy to clean up spills and water accidents.
  5. It’s affordable. Flooring can be expensive and as an alternative to hardwood or tile floors, vinyl floors are a very affordable option. Remember, even vinyl floors run the gamut of price points depending on quality. As with anything, spending more initially for better quality can save you over the long run as your floors will last for many years to come.
Pattern P532

And our favorite thing about it….

It’s fully customizable! Design Pool recently partnered with Graphic Image Flooring to offer our customers an option for flooring. All patterns in our library are now available for printing on their products. Need a different shade of green than what you’re seeing? No need to settle for close enough, you can get the exact shade you need for any project. Learn more.

Do you have decorative vinyl flooring in your home or business? What has your experience with it been? Leave a comment or tag us on Instagram so we can see pictures!


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