Customize Faux Leather from LDI Interiors

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Customize Faux Leather from LDI Interiors

Digital printing has changed the way interior designers work. For years, custom-made upholstery was reserved for big projects with big budgets. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Today, any project can be personalized thanks to technological advances in digital printing. For example, do you want to customize faux leather upholstery? No problem! New Hampshire based printer LDI Interiors is leading the way in print-on-demand offerings for architects and interior designers. As one of our trusted partners, any Design Pool pattern is available for printing on LDI’s sustainably produced faux leather.

Not only does digital printing offer the ability to customize; it also is a sustainable choice. Since all material is printed to order, there are no minimums. Print-on-demand technology prints only as much yardage as has been ordered and prints it quickly. As a result, there are no long lead times. Orders generally ship within a two-week lead time. In addition, all their printing happens at their facility in New Hampshire, cutting down on the financial and environmental costs of shipping yardage around the planet.

Check out different ways you can customize faux leather.

What comes next?

Ready to order a sample of LDI Interiors’s digitally printed faux leather with a pattern you love? It’s easy!

  1. Find a pattern you like in our online library of over 500 patterns.
  2. Click on the icon that says: Faux Leather
  3. Fill out the pop-up message box with your name and info.
  4. Hit send!

It’s that easy! Your sample will arrive in the mail for you to see and touch and decide if it’s right for your project. And don’t forget, if the color isn’t quite perfect, you can always work with us to make it the absolute perfect pattern, color, and scale. That’s the fun of customizing, you never have to settle for close enough when you can have perfect. Did we answer all your questions? If not, leave them in the comments and we’ll be sure to answer them.

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