Color Trends from the 2023 Spring Runways

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Color Trends from the 2023 Spring Runways

Spring 2023 runways are serving the spring vibes everyone craves after a few unpredictable years. Collections this season were overtly optimistic and joyful, full of feminine touches. After an incredibly stressful three years, designers are asking us to find beauty and joy again, even in a still stressful world. There were lots of springy, feminine florals on breezy fabrics. Ruffles, sheers, and denim added to the fun, often bringing a late 90’s/Y2K aesthetic.  

Yet, just because there was optimism doesn’t mean designers are ignoring the world around us.

Moschino, for example, designed a collection around a word we’ve heard a lot lately: inflation. And they met the moment with humor by taking it literally and creating a collection with inflatable elements, big and small. Climate change, and the fashion industry’s impact on it, was another issue some houses were meeting head-on. For example, Dolce & Gabanna put a collection together they pulled from their archive, adding labels with the year they were released.

Another common thread in many collections was travel. People are finally traveling again. The anticipation for these journeys inspired collections as much as the destinations themselves. There were collections inspired by nature’s grandeur, the beach’s carefree vibes, and bustling city markets.

Download your free color card, with hex numbers.

So, what colors are on the Spring 2023 runways?

The top three colors dominating the runways are yellow, aqua, and pink. Yellow was everywhere, with slightly shifting shades. Aqua was also very popular, often paired with yellow. Pink may have been the most prominent color last year, and while it’s not going anywhere, it was a bit overshadowed by yellow and aqua. These three colors worked beautifully together and often accented each other.

Behind these three colors is an orange that leans more toward coral, a bold royal blue, and a rich red that leans more toward fuchsia than orange. Greens and purples were still there, but not as prominently.

Colors continued to be bold, super saturated, and unapologetic. While there were a lot of prints, particularly florals, many of these colors were used in striking monochrome looks. Additionally, sometimes two bold colors were used together for exciting color blocking.  

Neutrals are still essential.

There were a lot of black, crisp whites, and warmer off-whites on the 2023 spring runways. Sometimes the whites and creams seemed to have just enough color to feel more like a soft pink, purple, or yellow. There were far fewer shades of gray. Instead, designers leaned toward warmer tans and browns.

As usual, we made a Pinterest board with loads of inspiration and examples of all these colors and garments on the 2023 spring runways. Download and print out this handy reference sheet so you have all the hex numbers for the trending colors!


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