Chunky Textures are Trending in Homes

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Chunky Textures are Trending in Homes

In this month’s trend letter, we’re talking all about layered, chunky textures. After years of grey, sleek minimalism, maximalism is making a comeback, and it feels cozy. People spent a lot of time at home during the pandemic, and those homes needed to offer a sense of safety and security, as well as comfort. Many types of spaces had to adapt during the pandemic, such as colleges and restaurants. Just as some of those changes became long-term solutions, the same is happening in home decor. People got used to the cozy, and interior designers are responding by working with bulky, highly textured materials. And, in many cases, layering them.

We spotted chunky textures, mainly in accessories, more so than furniture. They were covering large ottomans and poufs, as well as throw pillows, bedding, and decorative throws. Textile and product designers are working with giant, chunky yarns to create oversized knits and wovens that look handmade. Items that look handmade mix with personal ones to bring a calm sense of nostalgia to a room.

Designers also use techniques such as tufting for a unique texture and adding fringe to products for an unexpected pop. We also saw a lot of faux furs, woven leather, rattan, and tons of boucle. According to The Washingtonian, bouclé is everywhere on chairs and throw pillows. “Since it’s a textured material, it can create a more diverse look and add a focal point in an otherwise monochrome room.”  Layering textures add warmth to a room as well as visual interest. Smaller spaces, in particular, benefit from a highly textured piece adding significant impact.

When it comes to color, there are instances where texture comes in pops of brighter colors. However, they are more often seen in rich neutrals that complement other natural materials in a room, such as stone and wood.

Screenshot of a Pinterest board showing a board of chunky textures.

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