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about design pool

Design Pool is revolutionizing the way beautiful patterns find their way onto products and into interiors.

Founded in 2019 by Kristen Dettoni, Design Pool grew out of a desire to make on-demand, digital printing accessible to professional designers. Using her experience designing textiles for commercial and residential interiors, Kristen created a comprehensive library of beautiful, seamless patterns. Next, she established partnerships with digital printers to easily connect designers to printers they can trust, with products that pass commercial standards.

The result is Design Pool, an online platform where designers can search a vast library of designs and connect to printers, all in one place.

our customers

Design Pool is for innovative creatives eager to try new technology. They value good design and high-quality materials. They care about the environment and are ready to embrace more sustainable, low-waste manufacturing. They want to make their client’s dreams come true with the perfect pattern and exact color.


Design Pool is on top of market trends

“Kristen has amazing creative ability and is very aware of our market. She is timely with everything she does for us. We are completely satisfied and look forward to a continuing relationship. She keeps amazing us with her knowledge and thoughts of how to present our products.”

-Mike Norman
Parker Brothers Textile Mills
Sales Manager

Kristen produces custom patterns & colors that sell.

Kristen has designed three different pattern collections for us. She has also worked on a lot of colorway and pattern projects for large opportunities with clients for us.

Kristen is amazing! She is able to take the information you give her and create exactly what you are looking for. We get compliments from clients all the time on how beautiful the patterns are that she has created for us. Her ability to produce designs and present them to us in a timely manner is absolutely outstanding. She is one of the easiest, most efficient pattern designers that we have worked with.

We would absolutely work with Kristen again. She is our go to for pattern designs. Her work is beautiful and she is so pleasant to work with. She makes the process quick, easy, and we are always satisfied.

-Jordan Blackman
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
LDI Corporation

Design Pool is a valuable resource for architects.

I have worked with Kristen for general life advice, putting patterns into repeat, finding ways to get patterns onto a multitude of things.

Kristen’s creativity is amazing. Her ability to directly apply her creativity to whatever she does is impressive. I’ve found her timeliness to be spot on and she’s a pleasure to work with.

Yes, I would 100% work with Kristen again. She’s a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her.

-Paul Lewandowski

our founder's story

Kristen Dettoni is an accomplished artist and textile designer living in southern New Hampshire. She received her BFA from Kansas City Art Institute and her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Since 1996, Kristen has worked for mills throughout North America, designing fabrics for automobiles, furniture, and home furnishings.

During her career, she developed the first sustainable upholstery fabric for office interiors, the first sustainable upholstery fabric for automotive interiors, and was awarded a patent for automotive suspension seating. In addition to her career in the industry, Kristen has maintained an art practice. Her work has been exhibited in galleries across the United States.

Kristen Dettoni

When not working, Kristen is never sitting still. At any given moment you can find her in her home studio dyeing yarn for needle punch projects, spending time in her garden, or binging business podcasts while making cookies, needle punching, or bead weaving. Whatever the creative pursuit, Kristen approaches it with a strong belief in the power of good design to transform our environments and ultimately, our lives.