2021 Fall Color Trends From Fashion Collections

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2021 Fall Color Trends From Fashion Collections

Our March Trend Letter was all about trends we spotted while poring through the look books from the 2021 Ready-To-Wear shows. As designers created yet another collection in various stages of pandemic lockdown, collections were quite different from each other. However, an overarching theme did emerge: texture. Huge knits, pleats, leather, satin, faux fur. These all mixed and layered and were often embellished with sequins and shimmer. It seems that a year spent connecting through screens has designers yearning for touch. So what about the 2021 fall color trends?

We found black is still dominating, with lots of black and white. Yet, we also saw a lot more brown popping into collections. Browns and neutrals are grounding and warm and offer the comfort we’re collectively craving. The whites also leaned warmer. Think more ivory and less stark white.

Colors overall were quite saturated and rich. Often used in monochromatic outfits, mixing texture in materials and fabrics to add contrast and keep monochromatic from being boring. There were frequent pops of bright colors with the neutrals. Red, pink and yellow were everywhere. Optimistic and hopeful, these colors bring in a breath of fresh air for collections that designers are envisioning will be worn when we finally emerge and can socialize again.

Which of the 2021 Fall Color Trends will we see in home decor?

We expect to see the rich browns popular in home decor. Trends have been moving away from cooler grays, and warmer neutrals offer a grounding effect. Yellow will surely be around for a while in the home, but we also expect to see some of the cleaner, saturated blues and aquas pop up as accent colors.

Want to incorporate these colors into your work? We’ve made it easy for you with our helpful downloadable color card. Print it out and stick it on your corkboard. We’ve even include hex numbers to make it easy to use. Also, view our Pinterest board to check out our designer favorites.

What trends are you most excited about seeing? Let us know in the comments! (Are you signed up for our monthly trend letter? We invite you to do it today!)


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